Dirt bike rider flips over handlebars in misjudged stunt


An unlucky dirt bike rider got more than he bargained for when he attempted to jump across a small river in South Africa recently.

Footage of the misjudged stunt starts as he approaches the stream stood up on the pegs of the Honda dirt bike, before slightly bending his knees as he goes for the jump.

Unfortunately, a combination of not enough speed and bad luck meant that the rider fell short of the opposite bank, instead landing in the muddy riverbed.

With the front tyre completely submerged in the bog, the bike comes to a sudden halt, while the rider's momentum launches him over the handlebars.

Despite the bone-jarring tumble, the unidentified rider sits up almost immediately and chats to the cameraman.

The location of the jump and the rider's identity are unknown, however the funny video has been gaining a large amount of attention online since it was uploaded at the end of last month.