Video shows motorcyclist hurtling from flyover

Video shows motorcyclist hurling over highway overpass

An incredibly lucky Brazilian motorcyclist survived a crash that sent him hurtling over a flyover balustrade and into a metal yard below.

The young rider was crossing an overpass in Rio de Janeiro when a van moved across the lanes in front of him and clipped his front wheel.

Dashcam footage from a following vehicle shows he is unable to keep control of his bike, and is sent careering into the concrete barrier.

While his bike remains on the bridge, the motorcyclist is catapulted over the edge, falling several metres.

Amazingly, despite having fallen from one of the highest points on the elevated highway, he survived the fall.

He did not escape unscathed however, reportedly breaking both his legs and having to be rushed to emergency surgery in a serious condition.

The driver of the van that had caused him to crash remained on the scene and was later led away by traffic police.