Italian coachbuilder builds supercars from scratch

DIY Supercars: Italian Builds Incredible Cars from Scratch

A talented Italian mechanic has designed and built two supercars without the use of a computer, or even sketches.

Fifty-five year old Moreno Filandi relies solely on his hands and skill in the creation of his custom cars, and incredibly manages to complete them for €12,000 - less than one tenth of the price of manufactured high-end models.

So far, the Bologna-based coachbuilder has completed just two of the supercars – the Filandi Uragano, and the Moreno Ever S.

Both are built with engines from other vehicles, however all of the bodywork was done by Filandi himself. They boast impressive top speeds and 0 – 60 times, while weight is kept to a minimum.

Filandi claims that his cars attract a lot of attention when he's out and about, due to their unique appearance.

Despite having had requests to build supercars for customers, he says that they are only a hobby, and that coachbuilding is his trade.