Bizarre shortened Rover 100 spotted on eBay


A uniquely-modified Rover 100 has appeared on internet auction site eBay.

Dubbed a 'shorty' project, the classic hatchback has had one metre removed from its middle. The strange creation resembles something from a cartoon or the kids' toy section at a supermarket.

The seller's description gives some idea of the process involved in converting the five-door car to a miniature version of itself. The front and rear doors were removed, cut and welded back together to fit the new shape. They even retain electric locking functionality through the remote key fob.

Conveniently, it 'starts, drives and stops,' which is about the bare minimum you could hope for from a car. It's also, unsurprisingly, not in 'showroom' condition, but on the plus side you can 'dry your hair on the rear heated window while driving.'

The interior is '90%' complete, including bench seat and a custom head-lining.

Bizarre shortened Rover 100 spotted on eBay

Bizarre shortened Rover 100 spotted on eBay

You probably won't be shocked to hear that the car doesn't have an MOT, and is current declared as legally off the road, so if you intend on driving it you'll have to get it up to scratch and taxed first.

There are a few problems as the car has been left stationary for a while, including rust on some of the joints, a rear arch that needs replacing, and a dead battery.

The Rover 100 'Shorty' is up to £870 at the time of writing, with the auction closing at 21:16BST on 3 July. It has already attracted 30 bids, so expect the price to continue to rise.