Young millionaire filmed swearing at police after Lambo stop


A self-styled 'Lord' has been filmed swearing and insulting police officers after being pulled over in his Lamborghini.

Aleem Iqbal, better known as Lord Aleem on social media, was stopped by police in Birmingham. The footage begins after the stop as the officers start to leave, with a crowd gathered around the vehicles.

Iqbal is seen standing beside the police car, apparently filming on his phone as he says: "Why you looking at me? Trust me bro, my shoes are probably worth more than your f*****g wages."

Following the incident, Iqbal has released a statement, stressing that "what wasn't shown in the video was the police officers involved harassing him and forcing him to pull over for 'having cars follow him.'"

As well as attempting to defend his actions, Iqbal also apologised. His agent, Mark Brewer, said: "Having had time to reflect on what happened and having spoken to his family, Aleem would like to apologise to the police officers involved for the way the situation escalated."