Mini builds transparent ride-sharing concept


Mini has revealed a transparent concept car that it believes showcases the future of driving a car in big cities.

The manufacturer sees a future in which we don't own our own car but instead rent one as and when needed. The Mini Vision Next 100 concept is fully automated, and can be called upon to collect its driver at any time of day or night.

Personalisation is a big selling point in current Minis, and it wants to continue that even in a vehicle that is not directly owned by the current user. The Vision concept can adapt to each person that gets in, changing the colour of the exterior and interior to reflect their personal tastes and current mood.

The concept comes with an on-board artificial intelligence called 'Cooperizer,' which attempts to offer a link between the vehicle and its driver. The idea is to build up an image of the driver's personality, so for example someone who enjoys driving will be given control of the car and directed to a twisting road.

Mini reveals transparent ride sharing concept

Mini reveals transparent ride sharing concept

Another scenario offered by Mini is that the car could set itself up to portray images of an artist a user admires.

As autonomous cars become more prevalent, Mini wants to ensure that those who like to take control themselves are catered to. A transparent front end gives better visibility and incorporates augmented reality, allowing directions to be placed on the road.

The Mini Vision Next 100 concept is part of the BMW Group's centenary celebrations.