Careless delivery driver knocks biker to the ground


A biker has uploaded a video of the moment a delivery van driver drove into him at a junction and then refused to swap insurance details.

Praveen Velugupati was riding his Yamaha R125 through the Great Western Industrial Park in Southall, North West London, at half past five on Tuesday evening, when he cut past a line of queuing DPD vans.

Coming to a stop at a roundabout on the inside lane, Velugupati's helmet-mounted camera records as he looks right to check for traffic.

As he does so, his motorcycle is struck from behind by one of the Mercedes Sprinter delivery vehicles, which had been sat in the other lane seconds previously.

Lurching forward, the young rider and his motorcycle are sent crashing to the ground.

After exiting the van, the delivery driver immediately accuses the biker of having cut in front of him, while he was looking to the right.

When Velugupati denies this, the driver indistinctly apologises, adding 'I was looking over there'.

The driver then notices a filming witness and aggressively confronts him, seemingly unaware that Velugapati's helmet cam had been recording the entire incident.

When Velugapati points out the damage to his bike, the driver claims not to see it, and refuses to swap insurance details. He then returns to his van and drives off, as other DPD drivers who had stopped to watch the incident follow suite.

Since it was uploaded on Wednesday, the video has been viewed more than 21,400 times, and amassed 157 comments.

In response to inquiries about the criminal proceedings, Velugapati commented: "Hi everyone. Just a quick update. On 21.06.2016 itself, the police have been informed and incident has been reported. I finally got in touch with DPD team on 23.06.2016 after communicating them on twitter and since the video went viral, they have said that they have carried out investigation but they didn't provide me with any details of it. I later on got a call from the driver and he has said that he will look after the expenses for the bike damages. I am being asked to remove the video, but I will not remove it."