Student-built electric car hits 60mph in just 1.5 seconds


Move over Tesla. There's a new speedy EV making headlines, and it has been built by a group of Swiss students!

The car, named 'Grimsel', was created by student group Academic Motorsports club Zurich and has performed a 0 – 62mph run in just 1.513 seconds, smashing the Guinness world record for acceleration in an electric car. That's 1.3 seconds faster than the time it takes Tesla's Model S to reach 60mph.

To succeed in the record attempt, 60mph had to be reached within 100 feet – an easy feat for the car that was built in 2014 for the Formula Student Electric racing competition.

Boasting carbon fibre wheels and big wings, Grimsel is powered by four wheel hub motors designed by the team, which is made up of university students from ETH Zürich and Hochschule Luzern.
Weighing in at only 168kg, it produces 200 horsepower and over 1,250 lb-ft of torque, and can regenerate 30 per cent of it energy spent back in braking.

The students even employed traction control and torque vectoring systems to allow the car to put down as much power as possible on tricky conditions and in cornering.