Irish football fans joing together to fix dented car


A group of Irish football fans showed their compassionate side recently, by banding together to fix a car that had a huge dent in its roof.

Footage of the incident, filmed on a mobile phone, shows as the Republic of Ireland fans, clad in green, gather around the dented silver car cheering.

While some stuff money through the door to compensate for the damage one of them may have caused, others bang on the roof in an attempt to pop the dent out.

The camaraderie increases when a chant of 'Fix the car for the boys in green,' is started.

The dent – which appears to have been caused by someone running across it – eventually pops out thanks to the ferocious pounding, and a huge cheer erupts from the crowd of footballers, in France for the Euro 2016 tournament.

The location of the incident is unknown, however it is thought to have taken place on a street in Lille, France.