Hilarious passive-aggressive parking note surfaces online


Poor parking is an unfortunate reality. As vehicles boast more and more capable driving aids, many drivers assume that they can effectively park themselves.

However, they can't. And according to a survey carried out last year by car finance provider Zuto, poor parking tops the list of the UK's worst driving habits, with more than 40 per cent of UK drivers having received at least one penalty parking ticket.

A popular way of tackling irritating parking is by leaving a note on the vehicle's windscreen. Rude, offensive and hastily scribbled notes are usually the preferred format. However, some motorists have been known to get creative in their message writing.

An example that has recently resurfaced on image-sharing site Imgur has to be one of the best yet.

A photograph of the note pinned under a windscreen wiper shows a cute dog heading the A4 sheet.

Underneath, in a large font, the message reads: "I am giving you this dog, his name is Spot. I thought you might want him, as you seem to be trying to take as many spots as possible. I hope this helps."

The original image appears to have been posted by Imgur user bizness1socks last year, who accompanied it with the caption: "Made some new flyers to keep in my glovebox today. Making some revisions, but here's the rough draft in action."

It has since made its way on to Reddit, where it has racked up 4,970 points, and nearly 600 comments.