Williams Martini Racing set F1 pit stop record


At this weekend's Formula 1 Grand Prix of Europe in Baku, Azerbaijan, spectators witnessed Williams Martini Racing set a new pit stop record.

As Brazilian driver Felipe Massa arrived in the pit box at the end of lap seven, his team jumped to check the car and change its tyres, and within an incredible 1.92 seconds he was back on the ground and rejoining the race.

Williams are known for their efficiency in the pits, having won the award for the fastest pit stop at each F1 race in the 2016 calendar so far. However, their latest effort was one of the fastest yet, and a record time at Azerbaijan, which was a new addition to the 2016 season.

It also matched the previous record of 1.923 seconds set by Red Bull on Mark Webber's RB9 during the 2013 United States Grand Prix.

Since 2015, all pit stops have been officially recorded, and the video of the Williams crew's teamwork is an impressive watch. They are not the only high performers, however, with 21 of the 33 pit stops during the race taking place in under three seconds!