Brave passer-by rescues unconscious man from burning car

Watch This Stranger Rescue Unconscious Man From Burning Car

An unconscious motorist had an incredibly lucky escape from his burning vehicle when a passing stranger rushed to his aid.

Footage of the incident shows how a passer-by notices the driver inside as the vehicle begins to smoke outside a Californian shopping plaza.

When his shouts of 'Get out of the car' prove fruitless, the brave man runs towards the vehicle, before opening the door and pulling the comatose driver from inside.

He continues to drag the man away from the vehicle and to safety. Minutes later, it erupted in flames.

Police claim that the unidentified driver parked his car and went into an alcohol shop. CCTV footage then shows him throwing alcohol containers from the window, after which his car began to smoke.

He was later charged with driving under the influence and arson, while the local sheriff's department hopes to get his rescuer a plaque honouring him for his bravery.