Motorist spots unusual convoy in West Yorkshire


A motorist was left dumbfounded after spotting a recovery truck towing two other trucks and a car on a busy road in west Yorkshire.

Jamie Gorza was driving home to Huddersfield from work when he spotted the unconventional convoy.

Gorza, who was driving behind the vehicles, told the Daily Mail: "I've seen one recovery truck towing another before, but never four in a line.

"At first I thought it looked quite unsafe in terms of licensing.

"You have to have a trailer licence to tow a vehicle and I wasn't sure how it worked for multiple towing, but it turns out they have exemptions for things like this. It was just bizarre to see it.

"I did wonder whether all the passengers were crammed in the front vehicle together. I assume the car passenger at least will have been picked up by a friend or something, otherwise it would have been a tight squeeze up in the front."