Driver uses old car penalty ticket to avoid new fine

Man sticks old parking ticket on his car to avoid being fined again
A strange incident has been caught on camera which saw a motorist in China sticking an old car penalty ticket to his vehicle to avoid being fined once more.

Captured in Dalian, Liaoning Province, the video shows the driver stick a parking ticket to his car after leaving the vehicle in a restricted area.

After 10 minutes the man returns and removes the ticket from the car's window, smiling all the time after obviously believing he'd got away with the perfect move.

However, reports say that despite his efforts, police took photos of the vehicle and issued a fine to the man of around £10.

It seems that although the man had used the clever move to avoid the penalty, it wasn't quite clever enough.

Please be aware that this video has been looped, and the driver isn't making multiple trips back to his car.