Ultrasound shocks father-to-be as sports car baby appears


Photo credit: Reddit
A father-to-be got rather a shock when seeing his wife's ultrasound – he saw the image similar to a small car in the womb.

Posted to Reddit, many viewers of the image have been left confused by the mysterious image, which does indeed appear to be a small vehicle. It shows two wheels and a sloping roof – just like a sports car. There's even a shape that looks just like a steering wheel. Posted with the title 'My wife is pregnant with a sports car', the picture has received a lot of views – bringing with them more than 490 comments. The vast majority are congratulating the father-to-be, though mostly in the form of car-based puns.

One user commended: "Perfect for that midlife crisis", while another replied "Midwife crisis." The fun was continued, although the user initially looked to be bringing the fun to an end, writing: "Okay guys, it might be time to hit the brakes with all these car puns."

Another responded: "I know, it's making me exhausted. We need to shift these puns to a higher gear."

The father responded to commenters, saying the the "tiny vehicle" was in fact a baby boy. He also hinted that his wife's behaviour during pregnancy had been a little up and down, stating: "Before we got this sonogram, just basing it on her mood during the pregnancy, I thought we were having a little rollercoaster."

It appears that despite the strange image, the baby is in fact doing well.