Go-kart driver makes amazing overtake during Canadian race


A go-kart driver has been caught on camera making an amazing overtake – by flying over the head of his competitor.

Filmed during the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship in Ontario, the footage shows a racer somehow spring over the camera kart – and impressively manages to land the jump.

The description that accompanies the video reads: "We're riding on-board for a few seconds before another racer, No.607, clips the camera kart.

"Instead of a lame spin, the impact sends the trailing kart airborne. It launches clean overhead, a full grid position up, then sticks the landing.

"Both drivers (somehow) maintain control. So what if the flyer gets passed again at the next corner?"

One commenter said: "I know the Dukes of Hazard theme song was playing in his head when he decided that'd be a good idea!"

Another added: "I love how they both just carry on like nothing ever happened, not even a look back to see if the dude's head was still there."