Driver uses car's exhaust as smokescreen in Lithuania

Driver Uses Smokescreen, Throws Spikes, During Dramatic High-Speed Chase in Lithuania
A driver attempting to evade capture by the police used his vehicle's exhaust as a smokescreen, as well as throwing spikes out of the window to try and slow pursuing officers.

The Volvo driver leads police on the high-speed chase through country roads near Marijampole, Lithuania, avoiding both oncoming and stationary traffic.

Attempting to avoid the police, the driver in question deploys his car's exhaust as a smokescreen, drastically reducing the officer's vision.

As the police attempt to pull alongside the suspect vehicle, the Volvo driver throws spike out of their window. Landing heavily on the patrol car's bonnet, the spikes do momentarily slow down the officers.

Although the car's smoking exhaust had at first been used as a deterrent, it soon becomes clear that the real reason for the fumes is a drastic failure of the Volvo's engine. Slowing down, it is soon intercepted by officers who barge the four-wheel-drive up against the barriers at the side of the road.