Police officer imitates dog to catch car chase suspect


Photo credit: ITV News
A police officer captured a suspect following a high-speed chase by barking like a dog.

PC Steve Hutton chased the man on foot after he exited his vehicle following a car chase from Malmesbury and Swindon.

The high-speed chase had taken place for some time, before police deployed a 'stinger' trap which burst the suspect car's front offside tyre. Unable to drive any further, the occupants of the vehicle decided to ditch and continue their escape on foot. Scattering, Hutton noticed one man in particular attempting to flee.

While pursuing the man, Hutton barked to fool the man into thinking that he had a police dog with him – and the suspect fell for it.

Speaking to ITV News, Hutton said: "I chased after one of them. He had a good few seconds head start on me through the housing estate and about 20 seconds into the chase I realised I wasn't going to be able to gain on him due to the distance he'd made on me.

"I decided to try a tactic I had tried years ago, and that was to put in a challenge as if I was a dog handler and then give some fake barks."

Although successful, the technique has caused Hutton to endure some flak from his colleagues, with one or two of them calling him "barking mad."

Thankfully, Hutton's quick thinking allowed the suspect to be apprehended and the chase to come to a close.