Buick driver crashes on to two parked BMWs in Canada

Driver lands on top of two cars after crash

A passing motorist has recorded a strange crash which resulted in one car sitting on top of two other parked vehicles.

Filmed in Laval, Quebec, Canada, the footage shows a Buick parked on top of two BMWs outside a house.

According to the owner of the video, police quickly attended the scene to try to work out just how the unfortunate incident had occurred.

Though the car on top appears to have suffered only a small amount of damage as a result of the crash, the two BMWs squashed underneath didn't get off so lightly.

It is reported that an 84-year-old man was taken to hospital following the crash, with witnesses saying that he drove into a low wall near to the parked cars and was launched into the air, before crashing down onto the two German vehicles.

Police reported that no one else suffered any injuries as a result of the incident.