Rally driver films his own crash in Czech Republic


GoPro footage captured an incredible high-speed crash during a rally in the Czech Republic.

Martin Kder was behind the wheel of the Skoda 130 rally car when he lost control at nearly 100mph, drifting into a field that lined that gravel track. With the car's onboard camera mounted to the bonnet, the Skoda begins to slide into the field.

Narrowly missing a tree at the side of the road, the car's wheels dig in and the Skoda is sent into a flip. The camera films the windscreen of the car smash.

Amazingly, the GoPro camera detaches from the car as a result of the impact, and managed to capture the Skoda flying through the air.

Thankfully, Kder was able to walk from the crash completely unscathed. He can also be seen picking the GoPro up and walking away with it. He was competing in the Podbrdska Rally Legend race.