Over-confident driver submerges Mercedes in flood water

Car Drives into Flooded Area
A Mercedes driver made a bad decision in Mutlangen, Germany recently after trying to forge a flooded crossroads in an A-Class hatchback.

Tentatively driving towards the flooded section, the driver seems slightly over confident in both his and the car's ability to cross the large body of water.

Before long, the inevitable happens. The car's nose dips even further into the water and the vehicle grinds to a halt in the muddy flood.

With its wipers still going, the car appears to be properly stuck – and the driver makes no attempt to exit the vehicle. The video ends there, though it looks as if the car isn't going anywhere soon.

It is unknown whether or not the driver was able to get the car out of the flood water, but it looks like there wasn't much chance of the Mercedes driving out of its sticky situation under its own steam.