Mercedes driver repeatedly blocks ambulance in Slovakia


Footage has emerged of a Mercedes driver repeatedly blocking an ambulance as it tries to make its way through traffic.

Reportedly filmed in Slovakia, the video shows the black SLK refuse to move out of the way of the emergency vehicle, blocking it from exiting junctions of turn-offs.

Getting closer, the ambulance drivers make note to report the car's licence plate to police.

During the drive, many of those inside the ambulance simply cannot believe that the Mercedes is refusing to get out of the way - with one saying that they "have never experienced something like this before."

Thankfully, the ambulance manages to get past the convertible after nearly two minutes of waiting at a set of lights. Other motorists move to the side to allow the emergency crew to make their way through.

While passing the car in question, one of the ambulance's crew tell the driver: "You're on camera darling."