High-mileage classic M3 is well-used buy


Photo credit: Silverstone Auction
The E30 M3 is an icon of motoring, and as such has recently been commanding huge prices at auction.

However, a high-mileage example is headed under the hammer and could be a cheaper way to get your hands on the German super coupe.

With 124,275 miles on the clock, this M3 has certainly seen plenty of use. However, it has recently undergone a thorough restoration, as well as having a full respray. With a 2.3-litre engine under the bonnet, the M3 produced around 190bhp with all power sent to the rear wheels. At the time, it was one of the fastest cars around. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, the M3 commanded a price tag of £26,000.

This 1987 model car has had three owners. For the past 14 years the M3 has been kept in Denmark – but still comes with its original German registration papers, which is where its first two owners kept it.

High-mileage classic M3 is well-used buy

High-mileage classic M3 is well-used buy

A very limited number of E30 BMW M3s ever came to the UK, meaning that they're a rare sight on our roads. It was also only available in left-hand drive.

This car was headed to the Classic Race Aarhus Auction, but is still available to buy despite the auction date having passed. It sits at just over £28,000. Given that another M3 - albeit one with just 6,012 miles on the clock – sold for over £150,000 at an auction in America recently, it represents exceptionally good value.