Motorbike fuel tank explodes during race in Spain


Numerous racebike riders had to swerve to avoid a fuel tank that exploded during a Moto2 race in Motorland Aragon, Spain.

During the first lap of the second round, Xavi Cardelus slid off his bike. This sent the motorcycle into the tarmac, scattering debris across it and into the path of oncoming riders.

One component that also detached was the bike's fuel tank. The was sent into the path of a another rider, who collided with it and caused it to explode into a ball of flames.

The explosion caused three riders to lose control of their bikes and fall off, while others managed to navigate the inferno and reach the other side unscathed.

The race was given an immediate red flag, and was brought to a halt. Although some riders received minor medical attention, there are no reports currently of any serious injuries to any of the bikers.