Knife-wielding motorist stops cyclist in road-rage attack


A cyclist was the victim of extreme road rage in Perth recently, after a driver threatened them with a knife.

The footage shows the cyclist appearing to be cut up by a white SUV on a roundabout. Clearly agitated by the move, the biker slaps the car and shouts at the driver, before riding ahead and continuing his journey.

However, the driver has other ideas. Racing ahead, the footage shows the car accelerating heavily with black smoke visible from the exhaust.

Pulling in and stopping right in the cyclist's path, the driver of the white 4x4 then leaps from the car with a knife and begins shouting at the biker.

Swearing profusely, the motorist brandishes the knife as if to stab the cyclist.

Frightened by the man, the cyclist retreats after jumping off his bike.

It is reported that following the incident, the driver was fined for 'unprovoked road rage'.

Please be aware, this video does contain strong language.