Gold-plated Pontiac Trans Am goes on sale online


The Pontiac Trans Am is one of the best-known muscle cars in the world. This example however, may become known for something other than its name.

Hitting the market with a price tag of just over £2 million, this particular Trans Am is one of the most expensive on the market. This comes down to the customisation that it has undergone – namely being its gold-plated interior and exterior.

On top of this, the car has been covered with over 300,000 Swarovski crystals. The seller is describing the car as a piece of "artwork", rather than just a car.

With 49,710 miles on the clock, it's actually a relatively low-mileage example of the popular muscle car. It's also had just one owner in the 14 years since it rolled out of the factory and features a complete leather interior.

Gold-plated Pontiac Trans Am goes on sale online

Gold-plated Pontiac Trans Am goes on sale online

Whether or not anyone will actually pay the huge amount asked for this car is another question. On sale in Germany, the seller has said that the car meets emissions standards and is ready to drive away.

As well as the outrageous exterior, the Trans Am is fitted with Bluetooth connectivity and a CD player, as well as satellite navigation. Air conditioning is also included, as is a heads-up display. Thanks to sports suspension, the car does sit lower to the ground – though how much this affect the car's handling we're unsure.

We can't say how quickly this car will sell – but it's definitely one of the brightest we've seen.