Gold-wrapped Maserati learner car hit with parking ticket

Gold plated supercar with 'L' plates gets parking ticket

It seems that a gold wrap isn't enough to prevent you from getting a parking ticket, as a Maserati with learner plates proved recently.

Parked up in central London, the Maserati isn't the type of car that someone would usually learn to drive in.

However, despite parking neatly against the kerb, this driver hasn't been rewarded for their good manoeuvre.

Slapped with a parking fine, it echoes an incident recently which saw a trio of gold-plated cars hit with parking notices.

Even the base version of the Maserati Gran Cabrio costs over £98,000. Thanks to a V8 engine that produces 450bhp, it is capable of reaching 62mph in just 5.2 seconds and carry on to a top speed of 177mph. It is also one of Maserati's most popular models, owing to its good looks and high performance.

Perfect then, for someone practicing to pass their driving test.