Tesla Model X beats Alfa, while towing one behind it


Photo credit: Motor Trend
Tesla's new flagship electric car, the Model X, is a seriously fast vehicle, capable of reaching 62mph in just over 3 seconds thanks to a pair of powerful electric motors.

In contrast to the Model X's new-age technology, the Alfa Romeo 4C is very much an old-school sports car. Powered by a 1.7-litre turbocharged petrol engine, the 4C is all things an Italian two-seater should be – noisy, low and fast.

However, a drag race recently showed that the Tesla's power is almost unparalleled. Towing a 4C behind it, the Model X was still able to out-drag the Alfa. Given that even without the trailer the Model X weighs 2,440kg compared to the Alfa's 995kg, this feat is quite remarkable.

Thanks to the Tesla's instantaneous torque delivery, it easily outpaces the little Alfa. It's little wonder that the electric car company has been inundated with orders for the Model X, which is designed to offer more room than its sibling Model S.