Police discover driver using homemade Knight Rider wheel


Photo credit: WY Police Specials
A motorist stopped by police was discovered to have been driving with a steering wheel that had been hacked apart.

Tweeted by West Yorkshire Police Specials, the picture shows a Renault steering wheel that has been cut to appear like the one that featured on KITT, the memorable car from Knight Rider.

It was reported that two special constables, SSO Richardson and SSO Mortimer, stopped the driver in Leeds and noticed the unusual wheel. He was given an advisory, and no doubt prompted to get the wheel safely replaced.

Many Twitter users were quick to point out that the driver was lucky not to have set off the car's airbags, as they would have no doubt come perilously close to it while creating the unusual steering wheel.

One user, Lee Acklam, said that he was "lost for words" after seeing the DIY wheel.

KITT was steered by a similar-shaped steering wheel in the hit series Knight Rider, something that was noticed by social media users. Though not quite as high-tech as the show's car, this Renault's wheel certainly resembled KITT's wheel in shape.

Although dangerous, it isn't as bad as a driver who was last year found controlling his car with pliers in the place of a steering wheel. Police in Adelaide charged the man with driving without due care, as well as driving in a dangerous manner.