AOL Cars picks top 5 football-themed cars

DISTRIBUTION FREE OF CHARGE-NO SALE Foto LaPresse  26/05/2016 Coverciano - Florence  sport Coverciano, presentation "Pandazzurri", teh official car of the next Euro 2016  nella foto: the italian soccer team :  from elft Rugani, Benassi , Darmian, Marchetti , Ogbonna,  Joginho,   Zappacosta ,  Astori, Montolivo, Pellè , Parolo, Tiaho Motta, Sirigi, Chiellini, Buffon , Barzagli  Professor Castellacci, Zaza, Immobile, Giaccherini, Sturaro , Candreva, Eder, Florenzi  De rossi, El Shaarawi , Desciglio, Bonucci , Insigne , Bonaventua. In front, the technical staff pinelli, Coratti,   Sandreani , Conte , C  arrera  , ALessio , Bertelli
With Euro 2016 on the horizon, Fiat has released a special-edition Panda to celebrate the competition. Called the Pandazzurri, it is available in three different liveries and has a variety of customisations available.

However, it isn't the first time that a car manufacturer has brought out a special-edition car to celebrate a football event. Here, AOL Cars looks at the top 4, after the Panda of course.

MINI Paceman GoalCooper

The Paceman GoalCooper was created for the Brazil World Cup. Aside from the bright paintwork, the GoalCooper features astro turf floor mats and a full suite of LED lights designed to make the inside of the car look just like a stadium. It even features a miniature table football set mounted to the middle of the car.

Created in extremely limited numbers, the GoalCooper is arguably one of the brightest football cars we've seen.

AOL Cars picks top 5 football-themed cars

AOL Cars picks top 5 football-themed cars

Chevrolet Beat Manchester United Edition

This car came along following Chevy's partnership with the famous Mancunian club. The most notable element of the car are the United liveries, but it did also come with alloy wheels and roof rails.

Inside, there's red and black coloured seats, there to remind anyone unsure of which team to support that Manchester United is the one for them. It doesn't look like one that would appeal to City fans, however.

Hyundai ix35 Go!

The Hyundai has been brought out for the same reason as the Panda – to celebrate Euro 2016. Though not as distinctive as the Chevrolet or MINI, the ix35 does have an impressive amount of standard kit that will appeal to any driver.

Only 550 units of the special ix35 have been created, with all available in custom colours.

Italia 90 Fiat Panda

That's right, the Pandazurri isn't the first time Fiat has celebrated the beautiful game. Created for the 1990 World Cup, the little Panda had football design alloy wheels, and the Italian shield on the front grille. The engine remained unchanged though – a 769cc unit with 34bhp, it could reach 60mph in a dizzying 22 seconds. Today, it looks like a bit of a classic.

We're sure that the Pandazzurri isn't going to be the last football-themed car we'll see, but it's definitely one of the most usable day-to-day. Although it's not yet know if the Pandazzurri will be gracing our shores, it's certainly a good-looking special edition car.

DISTRIBUTION FREE OF CHARGE-NO SALE  Foto LaPresse 26/05/2016 sport Coverciano, presentazione "Pandazzurri" nella foto: Carlo Tavecchio, president Figc and  Alfredo Altavilla,Chief Operating Officer Europe, Africa and Middle East (EMEA), and the factory workers of Pomigliano d'Arco