BMW launch individual paint programme for i8 hybrid


BMW has launched an individual paint programme for its impressive i8 hybrid sports car.

Designed to give drivers the opportunity to personalise their i8, the programme offers a series of paint finishes that allows owners to stand out of the crowd even further.

Colours such as Java Green and Speed Yellow are now included, though it's likely to be the frozen-finish paintworks that will draw in the crowds. These use a mixture of synthetic mica and aluminium flakes to create a shimmering effect.

A new design of wheel is also available, coming in the form of a black w-spoke alloy, which gives even greater presence to the car.

Richard Hudson, sales director for BMW UK, said: "The BMW i8 embodies the accomplished vision of a modern and sustainable sports car.

BMW launch individual paint programme for i8 hybrid

BMW launch individual paint programme for i8 hybrid

"The new paintwork colours not only complement the BMW i8s emotive styling and design, they also work harmoniously with the BMW I brand and provide customers with exclusive personalised options."

Over 1,400 i8s have been bought in the UK, owing to its incredible performance and efficiency. Utilising a hybrid powertrain, the i8 produces 362bhp and can reach 62mph in just 4.4 seconds. Despite these figures, the i8 can still return 134.5mpg and emit just 49g/km C02. It can even be used in all-electric mode for around 15 miles, meaning that it doesn't require London's congestion charge.

However, given the technology included, the i8 does command a £104,485 price tag, though this comes down to around £96,000 with the Government's electric car grant.