Dashcam compilation shows numerous high-impact crashes

Dangerous Dash Cam Footage! - Breaking Videos
Dashcams are proving immensely popular, allowing drivers the ability to capture their travels and look back on them after they've arrived. They're also useful for insurance purposes, as they give motorists the power to prove their innocence should an incident occur.

Here, we see a compilation of videos put together exclusively from dashcam footage, showing the startling accidents that have been captured.

Much of the footage was captured in snowy countries, where drivers struggle to maintain control of their cars. Many of the impacts are extremely heavy, with a lot of damaged caused to the unfortunate vehicles.

One of the videos shows a pedestrian cross the road in front of an approaching car. Rather than being apologetic, the walker throws a bottle into the vehicle's windscreen, smashing it. A fight then ensues afterwards.

Through this video, we can see the sheer amount of dashcam videos that surface online each day, and how many accidents are captured on them!