Driver stalls thirteen times while trying to join roundabout


Photo/Video credit: James Johnston
A just-passed driver has been caught on camera struggling to get away from a roundabout in Scotland – by stalling thirteen times.

James Johnston caught the incident on camera as he patiently waited behind the driver in a Citroen C1 as they attempted to join the roundabout.

However, despite numerous opportunities to move forward the driver managed to stall at every one.

The driver, whose car was wearing 'P' plates at the time, put on her hazard lights but continued to stall as other motorists were forced to go around her.

Johnston, who remained behind the car, eventually got out of his vehicle to help the woman on how to get away on her journey.

He told the Mirror: "I felt really sorry for her. I approached the Deer Park roundabout and came up behind her.

"Because she had the P plate displayed I could see she was a new driver.

"I waited behind her but I could see she couldn't find the balance between the clutch and gas.

"Eventually I decided to get out and speak to her. She was really embarrassed.

"I just told her to take her time, take a deep breath and try and feel her biting point before giving it plenty of gas. She seemed to get her confidence back after that."

The woman then managed to pull away and continue with her day.