Biker has near-miss with kangaroo in Australia

Motorcyclist narrowly misses kangaroo
A motorcycle rider had a close escape after a kangaroo ran on front of them on a country road in New South Wales, Australia.

Travelling down the single lane road, the biker captures the footage on a helmet-mounted camera. Although making progress, it doesn't appear that the rider is driving at excessive speed.

After a series of long, flowing corners, the biker approaches a straight. Soon after, they spot the kangaroo at the edge of the road.

Fortunately, the rider is quick on his brakes, with the camera dipping as the biker slows down.

The kangaroo briefly darts in front of the rider, seemingly unsure of which direction to travel in. Thankfully, it chooses to turn around and sprint in the direction it came from.

The biker then gathers themselves and continues on with their journey, no doubt even more aware of the possibilities of a kangaroo running into the road in front of them.