Driver smoking on motorway narrowly avoids being crushed by lorry

Driver gets out of car to smoke on motorway and narrowly avoids being crushed by lorry

A Chinese driver had a very lucky escape recently, after exiting his vehicle on a motorway to smoke.

The motorist's vehicle was in a row of stopped traffic on the carriageway in Nanyang, Henan Province on January 1 this year, when he decided to jump out for a quick cigarette.

As he wandered towards the back of his vehicle, a commotion is heard in the vehicle behind, which caught the near miss on its dashcam.

The man is then seen suddenly running back to the front of his car, as a huge articulated lorry careers into it.

Incredibly, the smoking motorist manages to leap into a small gap between his own car and another lorry on the other side.

Emerging from his safe spot, he assesses the damage, before the crashed lorry loudly shunts forward again, appearing to have been hit from behind.

This is enough to send the smoking man running through traffic to the other side of the carriageway.

Tentatively, he returns to his now crushed vehicle, probably glad that he had a cigarette break when he did.