Dashcam captures police officer's late-night collision with elk

Montana Trooper's Cruiser Camera Captures Collision With Elk

An American police officer was lucky to walk away unhurt from a collision with a large elk, after it ran in front of his cruiser on a dark road.

Montana highway patrol trooper Dave Gleich was driving along a dark road en route to a crash scene on the evening of Tuesday, May 17, when the large animal darted out in front of him.
Dashcam footage from his vehicle shows the elk running in front of a car on the opposite side of the carriageway, before continuing straight into Gleich's path.

Unable to stop in time, the officer's cruiser struck the animal with such force that its airbags were deployed, hiding the aftermath of the collision from view.

The footage of the incident was shared on Montana Highway Patrol's Facebook page, along with the stark caption: "This video shows just how quickly conditions can change on the road. Please always wear your seatbelt and never veer for deer."

It has since been viewed more than 36,000 times, amassing hundreds of reactions, comments and shares.