Fed-up Fiat owner creates funny eBay ad to get shut of car


A fed-up car owner has put her Fiat 500 up for auction on eBay– with a hilarious catalogue of calamities that have befallen her since she's owned it!

The Ware-based woman, whose eBay user name is sphlchwns, listed the 2008-reg car last week with a starting price of £900, but at the time of writing bidding had reached £1,750 for the unloved motor.

In her description of the three-door red car, which has 90,000 on the clock and an MOT that soon runs out, the woman says 'this car has genuinely ruined my life.' Things certainly didn't get off to an auspicious start. Only after she bought it – at a cost of £6,000 – did she discover it was a category C write-off.

She crashed it during the first week and the bonnet was cracked after a can of beer was rammed into it while it was parked. The damage still has to be repaired.

The owner adds that the suspension needs fixing as does the brake cable, and two new seat belts are a must. The sunroof doesn't work either, while 'when you press the buttons on the steering wheel they occasionally think you pressed a different one entirely.' Little wonder, then, that she exasperatedly comments: 'I've pretty much had it with this car . . . Just had two new tyres. Don't know why I bothered.'

Fed-up Fiat owner creates funny eBay ad to get shut of car

Fed-up Fiat owner creates funny eBay ad to get shut of car

She suggests it'd be a good car for a teenager because 'it will teach them patience. They also won't be able to go over 80mph without it sounding like they're going to break down.'

Can't resist putting in an offer? You'd better hurry, as bidding closes tomorrow at 8.25pm BST. Please note that the full listing contains explicit language. You can find it here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121990839441