Driver reverses into officers at the side of the road

              Dashcam: US woman backs car into two police officers
A woman has been caught on camera reversing into officers while attempting to escape arrest at the roadside in Milwaukee.

The footage, which was captured by a camera mounted to a police cruiser's dashboard, shows the woman's car parked at the side of the road. It is reported that the driver had been stopped after officers suspected that she was driving with a suspended licence, and were due to tow her car.

However, rather than wait for the tow truck to reverse back, the driver attempted to escape, flooring the accelerator while in reverse and knocking officers at either side of the car to the ground. She also knocked over her passenger, who was stood outside the vehicle at the time.

Thankfully, the officers involved were not harmed. The car's passenger, however, suffered a leg injury.

The driver in question, Kelvina Freeman, was arrested a few days later and now faces multiple felony and misdemeanour charges.