Four cars swallowed by 100ft sinkhole in China's Jiangxi Province


A 100-ft sinkhole on a major road in China's Jiangxi Province swallowed four cars and a tree recently, but incredibly no-one was hurt.

Nearby CCTV on the road in the centre of Ruijin recorded the moment that the road suddenly collapsed and the parked cars tumbled into the crater, while another was left balanced precariously over the edge.

The owner of one of the cars told how he was sat eating lunch when he saw his car disappear into the hole.

Firefighters were forced to use a crane to retrieve the four vehicles, however it is unknown how much damage they sustained in the incident.

Chinese authorities are now investigating the collapse in order to determine the reason behind it.

Possible causes include natural underground corrosion or the ground having previously been weakened by mining activity.