Umbrella-holding scooter rider crashes into wall

Man riding a scooter while holding an umbrella crashes into wall

A Chinese scooter rider had an unfortunate encounter with a wall earlier this month, after failing to notice it due to an umbrella obscuring his field of vision.

The embarrassing incident was caught on CCTV overlooking the road in the city of Baishan, in China's Jilin Province. Giggling viewers of the CCTV then recorded the clip from the monitor and shared it online, where it has proved a hit.

Despite the footage being grainy, it does not appear to be raining, making the rider's use of an umbrella questionable to say the least.

Whatever the purpose of the pink umbrella, it prevented the man from noticing that he had strayed from his lane, and resulted in the crash in which he reportedly suffered minor injuries.

In the footage, the rider can be seen standing motionless against the wall in the wake of the crash.

As a small, red, three-wheeler pulls up alongside him, he slowly sits back down on the scooter, leaving the problem-causing umbrella crumpled on the ground.