CCTV captures horrifying high-impact collision during police chase

Footage Shows Horrifying Collision During 90 MPH Police Chase

A 90mph police chase through Ocoee, Florida in the early hours of Thursday, May 12, came to an abrupt end when one of the two pursuing police cars collided with another car at an intersection.

CCTV overlooking the junction caught the moment that police officer Chris Bonner – who was in pursuit of two armed robbery suspects – sped through the junction, despite it being open to traffic coming from a different direction.

Unfortunately, a blue saloon, driven by Yahaira Castro Montalvo was directly in the path of the police cruiser, and the resulting brutal smash left both drivers seriously injured.

After reviewing the incident, Florida Highway Patrol has ascertained that the responsibility for the crash is entirely on Bonner, for failing to stop at a red light, as protocol requires.

Seconds before the collision, Bonner had sped around the vehicle of his colleague, who had been slowing in anticipation of the junction.

In the wake of the incident, Bonner has been ticketed, while victim Montalvo plans to launch a lawsuit against the Ocoee Police Department.