Race driver pranks Miss California with high-speed stunts

Pro Race Driver Helio Castroneves  Pranks Miss California

Miss California 2014 recently found herself the butt of a stunt-driving prank in a comic video by national award-winning show The List.

Pretending to be a presenter named Hector, professional racing driver Helio Castroneves took Bree Morse for the ride of her life in a 600hp Corvette.

In the clip, the Indy 500 champion and dancing with the stars winner pretends to struggle with the vehicles controls, asking his passenger whether 'D is drive' before setting off.

After sending the car lurching forward, he complains that the car is 'too sensitive', apologising to an uncomfortable looking Morse.

Following another jerky moment later on in the video, she laughs: "Whiplash, I think I have a concussion."

The stunt culminates in a number of donuts, eliciting screams from Morse. All is revealed after she exits the vehicle, with another presenter congratulating her on being 'taken for a ride' by the three-time Indy 500 winner.