How caravanning became cool again

When you think of camping, you probably imagine an off-white box with a velour interior and plastic crockery. However, you'd be wrong. Camping is having a resurgence, and towing a home-away-from-home is cool again.

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Not only is having a caravan the epitome of go-anywhere travelling, it's also a great way of keeping costs down and excitement at an all-time high. But those aren't the only reasons why caravanning is experiencing a resurgence...

Your caravan is a home-away-from-home

Think caravanning isn't luxurious? Think again. There are a multitude of ways to make sure that your caravan is comfortable no matter where you are. The range of items you can buy to transform your caravan into a diminutive home-from-home is truly awe-inspiring. From interior comforts like specially designed bedding and TV and entertainment systems that will rival those of your living room at home, caravanning these days is a long way from roughing it.

A caravan is the best al fresco kitchen going

You could prepare all your food inside the kitchen of your caravan but the opportunity to cook and eat outdoors is one of the best things about caravan ownership and will help you make the most of your time away. Pack a portable barbecue and outdoor light so that you can cook the meat part of your meal outdoors and then complement this with lovely fresh salads and side dishes prepared in your caravan's kitchen. Make sure you pack a folding picnic table and folding chairs and keep the gnats from joining in by investing in an electronic insect killer.

Don't like where you are? Mix it up

By far the coolest thing about caravanning is that you don't have to settle on one place. Towing your little home behind you, the world is your oyster. Of course, you need the proper equipment to make sure that each element of the journey is safe and secure.

A sat nav is always advisable, making navigating to out-of-the-way sites or in poorly signposted areas hassle-free and giving you the confidence to explore without the fear of getting lost.

And while we're talking safety, there are plenty of gizmos that will ensure that your caravan isn't only safe when you're on the move, but secure when you're parked too. From universal hitchlocks to travel security boxes, you can be certain that if you decide to mix up your trip and move that everything will be safe when you stop.

It's a comfortable shelter for when the weather turns nasty

We all know that in Britain, the weather is never going to be predictable. Luckily, there's a variety of different appliances for your caravan there to make sure that if the weather does take a turn for the worst, the fun doesn't need to stop.

Hooking up a television in a caravan couldn't be simpler. With TV aerials specific for caravans widely available on, all you need to do is place one on the caravan's roof, connect it to your television and you're away. And if you're in the sticks, a signal booster means that you can get the very best picture no matter where you are.

A good night's sleep isn't a distant memory

Just because you're not in your bed at home, doesn't mean that you have to be denied a good sleep. If there's one thing that separates modern camping from the camping of old, it's the wealth of appliances and tools that are available for making your trip truly special. You can buy all manner of duvets, pillows and sheets designed to specifically fit caravan beds – meaning that a night spent closer to the outdoors than usual doesn't have to be uncomfortable. You'll also find low-energy heaters that can keep a caravan toasty warm – without the need to use gas.

If you need more room, you can make it!

One of the best parts of modern day caravanning is the ability to add lightweight but strong extensions to the caravan's main body, allowing more people to sleep within it. Not only that, but it gives greater space for cooking or eating.

Though gazebos have been attached to caravans for some time now, modern day canopies from pole-free inflatable structures to simple single canopies are lighter and quicker to erect and take down down than their forebears.

A caravan can be completely personal to you

Although a hotel room is nice, there are very few ways to put your individual stamp on one. With caravanning, that's completely the reverse. With just a few small touches, you can easily change a lifeless box into a truly personal space. You can even cheaply re-invigorate an older caravan with everything from doormats and clever storage to custom-made curtains and TVs.

In the current economic climate, holidaying in the UK - and even better, in a caravan - makes brilliant financial sense. And, along with the reasons we've listed is why caravanning is back with a bang.

If you're looking to upgrade an older caravan or to personalise a brand new one, eBay's Parts & Accessories is worth a look. From interior comforts and outdoor accessories to spare parts and towing and safety equipment, it has everything you need to get you on the road.