Good Samaritans free man trapped underneath burning car

Watch Cops and Witnesses Lift Burning Car To Free Trapped Driver

A group of good Samaritans saved a man when his arm became trapped underneath a burning vehicle that had crashed in Anchorage, Alaska.

Captured by a dashcam mounted in a police cruiser, the video shows officers and passers-by rush to the aid of the man, who was pinned underneath the burning vehicle.

Amid screams from the man, the saviours work together to push the car.

Thankfully, the helpers manage to give the man just enough leeway to escape. He then flees to the edge of the road, where he breaks into tears. The freed man then thanks those who rushed to his side in his time of need.

It is not known how the car managed to end up on its side, although thankfully through the teamwork of the men in the video no one was badly injured.