Toddler survives being struck by taxi in busy Hong Kong street

Little Girl Hit by Taxi After Running Into Busy Hong Kong Traffic

A lucky toddler survived a collision with a speeding taxi in a busy Hong Kong street on Monday evening.

Footage shot by another vehicle's dash cam shows the heart-stopping moment the three year old ran into the road in Monkok, Hong Kong in an apparent attempt to meet her mother.
She succeeds in crossing two lanes of traffic, with a quick moving bus driver managing to slam the brakes on and avoid hitting her.

However, a taxi driver in the third lane fails to notice her and the youngster runs straight into the side of it.

Incredibly, the infant climbs to her feet almost immediately and continues to cross the road, before stumbling over.

As passers-by rush to her aid she can be heard crying in pain.

After being taken to the nearby Kwong Wah Hospital, she was discharged with minor facial injuries.