Manchester United fans' cars vandalised during Bournemouth clash


A number of Manchester United fans returned to their cars after yesterday's rescheduled Bournemouth match at Old Trafford to find them vandalised.

Police were called to the Pomona Strand end carpark at 8:37pm yesterday evening where they found a number of vehicles, including VWs, BMWs and Fords, to have been damaged.

Some had their rear windows smashed in while others were left on bricks after their wheels had been removed.

It is unclear whether anything had been stolen from within the vehicles.

The crime spree is believed to have taken place during the Premier League match, in which Man United triumphed with a 3 – 1 score.

GMP Traffic later shared images of the damaged cars on their Twitter account and asked anyone with information to contact the police on 101.

They tweeted: "20+ cars damaged on Pomona Strand this evening during football match. Any info please call 101."

Twitter users responded in disgust to the damage, with @BenPorRov commenting "That is truly shocking behaviour. In the name of football?"

Another, @DRKstretfordend added "£6 per match 'secure parking' that is by the way....."

The match had originally been rearranged following a bomb scare at the stadium on Sunday.

Bomb disposal experts were called to the 75,000-seat arena when a device, which resembled a pipe bomb, was found in a toilet cubicle.

After the device was destroyed in a controlled explosion, it was found to have been a training aid using in a security exercise by private firm, Search Security Management& Solutions Ltd.