MINI nearly flips over after crashing into parked van


Photo credit: ShulemStern
A MINI driver has been caught on CCTV ploughing into a parked van and nearly flipping over – before fleeing the scene.

Captured in Hackney, north London, the footage shows a white MINI colliding with a parked Volkswagen Caddy.

The MINI crashes heavily into the van and is sent on to two wheels. At one point it appears that the hatchback would topple over, but it just manages to settle down back on four wheels.

The driver then escapes the scene without leaving any information.

Jacob, the van's owner who works at a nearby dry cleaner, told the Daily Mail: "I didn't realise until I saw the footage from the CCTV camera of our neighbouring business. I was so shocked, it was like someone driving in a James Bond movie.

"I'm just gobsmacked. I'm stunned. It was quite shocking to see them using the car like a ramp. Then he just drove off."

The van was left with a serious crumpled wheel arch, as well as a smashed window.

The MINI was in fact a rental car, and the rental company owning the vehicle, Drive Now UK, are attempting to track down the driver.