Daredevil motorcyclist filmed riding on one leg


A daredevil motorcyclist has been caught on dashcam overtaking a car while standing on one leg on the vehicle's seat.

On what appears to be a 125cc bike, the rider sped past Andrew Vickers' Mercedes, performing a trick that wouldn't be out of place in a professional stunt show.

Even more incredibly, the biker held the pose as he passes a speed camera yards in front, although he doesn't appear to be going fast enough to set it off.

Seconds later, a police car appeared over the brow of the hill, although the occupants appear not to have seen the bikers shenanigans.

Mr Vickers had been driving along a 30mph road through the town of Willenhall, West Midlands when the motorcyclist overtook him.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, the 41-year-old commented: "I was equally stunned and impressed. My first thought was: 'What an idiot'.

"Obviously as a parent and a driver I thought it was crazy and totally unsafe, but when I watched it back I did think it was pretty skilful"