Bus repeatedly rams car in China before running driver over

Bus repeatedly shunts car before allegedly 'running over' the driver

Shocking footage has emerged of the moment a Chinese bus driver repeatedly rammed into a small white car, before running over the driver and crushing his legs.

A passer-by caught last Friday's incident in Weifang, in East China's Shandong Province on camera and the clip has since gone viral.
The dispute reportedly began when the white car scratched the bus – which was allegedly full of passengers – during an overtaking manoeuvre.

Insults were swapped and punches thrown, before the bus driver took the fight to a new level and began ramming the back of the smaller vehicle.

After pushing the car through a roadside crash barrier and pinning it against a tree, the bus driver was apparently still not content that justice had been served.

When the driver got out of his car, the angry bus driver proceeded to run him over, trapping his legs under the large front wheel.

The bus driver is then seen shouting at the injured motorist, who is writhing in agony on the ground.

Local reports claim that the bus driver was arrested at the scene, while the driver of the car was rushed to hospital.