Young woman fights off car thieves at petrol station

Woman Fights Off Potential Car Stealers at Atlanta Gas Station
A brave young woman took the law into her own hands and fought off two potential carjackers at a petrol station in Atlanta, Georgia recently.

Jasmine Warren was returning to her car after stopping at an Exxon gas station on the evening of Saturday May 7 when the thieves made their move.

CCTV footage shows the moment the two hoodie-wearing men pounce on Warren and attempt to snatch the keys to her Chevrolet Camaro.

Unfortunately for them, the young woman is not willing to give up that easily and struggles against them.

When one of the men manages to get hold of the keys, he jumps into the American muscle car's driver's seat, while his accomplice appears to struggle with the door on the other side.

At this point, Warren opens the driver's door and drags the man from the car, before his partner comes and pulls her off of him.

Despite being repeatedly manhandled and punched, the tough young woman continues to fight against the carjackers, preventing them from making off with her pride and joy.

The struggle eventually comes to an end when two other cars pull up at the petrol station, sending the would-be thieves running.